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Living in the ethnic mosaic that is New York City, and traveling extensively all over the world, has given Pamela the rare opportunity to experience many kinds of music and collaborate with a wide variety of musicians.

This photograph of New York harbor was taken from the Staten Island Ferry 10 years before the devastating attacks on the World Trade Centers.
Ironically, the smoke you see around the skyline originated from a fire on a garbage dump in New Jersey, a sad foreshadowing of the events to come.
We remember and honor all the lives lost.
Photo © 1991 Chris Whitehead

Contemporary Jazz, World, Groove, Pop, Rock, Progressive New Age, Funk, Reggae... All of these influences can be heard in the music of Fearless Dreamer. As borders dissolve the world over, music too, is evolving, changing, exploring and growing.

We spend so much of our lives simply reacting to events from the outside world. Constant change. Good and bad. As we quiet ourselves from the whirlwind of our life's situations, we can glimpse the spirit of our creativity. Fearless Dreams arise from that pure and essential place within each of us. The place where our Soul takes flight; renewing, reinventing, and nurturing itself. The place that knows no boundaries or judgments. The place where all things are possible. Here is where the music of many moods can dance with Freedom.

"Anything we couldn't say with our mouths we said with our feet, our hands, our bellies or with wild cries. Is it possible to talk by dancing? And yet I dare swear that's how the Gods and Devils must talk to each other."
Zorba the Greek - Nikos Kazantzakis

Whenever we come to our limits, when language can no longer say what we need to express, we liberate ourselves through music. This is where Fearless Dreamer comes alive. Musical dreams that do not deny Fear, but that have the power to move beyond Fear - kindling deep emotion, and inviting the listener to journey within the song.

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