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Isle Of Klezbos
"Mellow Manna"
Song by Pam Fleming

Hazmat Modine
"Two Forty Seven"
Film by Leonard Winters

"So You Think You Can Dance"
Week 5 (August 22, 2012)
Hazmat Modine

Trumpet solo - Pam Fleming

Dancers: Allison Holker & George Lawrence, Jr.
Choreographer: Tyce Diorio

Hazmat Modine
Film by Mattias Gordon

Hazmat Modine
by Joseph Voves

Hazmat Modine Cicada was released and for sale in the U.S. on Barbes Records May 17th, 2011

Hazmat Modine Live with Paul Jones
"The Tide"
BBC - Maida Vale Studios
May 26th, 2010

Check out Pam's conch shell solo with the Black Rock Coalition Orchestra's Tribute to Nina Simone with Musical Director Tamar-kali

Pam appeared on the Dave Letterman Show with singer/songwriter Rufus Wainwright.

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