Climb - 2004 Release

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  The Tracks
Fearless Dreamer, CD cover
1. Say GoodbyeSay Goodbye Lyrics to Say Goodbye
2. Slimy BusinessSlimy Business
3. Forward Sign in a Backward TimeForward Sign in a Backward Time Lyrics to Forward Sign in a Backward Time
4. Angel of AdventureAngel of Adventure Lyrics to Angel of Adventure
5. More Than AnythingMore Than Anything
6. StraysnakeStraysnake
7. Early Morning
8. ClimbClimb
9. Curious Stillness
10. Lose My MindLose My Mind Lyrics to Lose My Mind
11. Lester Floats In
12. Lester's BluesLester's Blues
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The Musicians
Pics and Bios
Pamela Fleming - trumpet, flugelhorn, vocals
Dana Calitri - lead vocals
Allen Won - saxophones, flutes
Jim West - piano, synth
Peter Calo - guitar
Leo Traversa - bass
Todd Isler - drums, hadgini, kanjira, frame drum
Mike Green - backing vocals

All compositions written, arranged and produced by Pamela Fleming

Engineered, Mixed, and Mastered by
Jim Clouse - Park West Studios - Brooklyn, New York

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