RISE AND DANCE - 2014 Release

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  The Tracks
Pam Fleming's Dead Zombie Band, CD cover
1. Welcome
2. Halloween Has Come
3. Tic-Toc
4. Zombie Drag
5. The Bell
6. Two Lovers
7. Eerie Beauty (Lover's Lament)
8. Spirits Awake
9. Dream Swirls
10. Cackle Cocktail Party
11. Waiting
12. Satan Is Waitin'
13. Beware The Passing Of Time
14. Comes A Time
15. Ready To Rise
16. Rise And Dance
17. I Suppose...
18. Rise Again
19. Time To Go
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The Musicians

photo by Jamie Chung
Pamela Fleming - trumpet, piano, vocals, effects
Ursel Schlicht - piano inside and out
Rachelle Garniez - vocals, piano, accordion
Earl Whitted - poem, vocals
Martha Hyde - alto sax
Jenny Hill - tenor sax
Lily White - tenor sax
Jessica Lurie - alto & bari sax, flute
Buford O'Sullivan - trombone
Tine Kindermann - saw, vocals
Karen Waltuch - viola, vocals
Adam Klipple - keyboard
David Phelps - guitar
Leo Traversa - bass
Todd Isler - drums, hadgini,

All compositions written, arranged and produced by Pamela Fleming
unless otherwise noted

Engineered, Mixed, and Mastered by
Jim Clouse - Park West Studios - Brooklyn, New York

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