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Daring to Dream, Fearlessly

One common theme that does run through all the tracks is an unmistakable sense of passion, often inspired by other musicians that have touched her art and her life. To read the whole article

- Rob Taube / Brooklyn Skyline


CHOICES MUSIC: Trumpeter-vocalist Pamela Fleming, a/k/a, Fearless Dreamer is a former member of reggae legend Burning Spear's fierce, all-gal Burning Brass trio. Now that she's fronting her own six-person Fearless Dreamer jazz ensemble, she shares deeper, darker soul secrets and gets to unleash her formidable musical imagination.

- Elena Oumano / Village Voice



"Really great CD! Sounds great, production is great, tunes are great! Too bad there's not more records like this out there. I hope you get it played, so everyone can hear it. I look forward to the next one."

- Randy Brecker / Trumpet Artist NYC-Brecker Brothers

Pam with Randy Brecker
Pam and Randy - NYC 2003

"Last Thursday Fearless Dreamer packed the house at Royston's Rhythms, downtown Brooklyn. As the night progressed, the audience was taken on a wonderful journey of emotions. Particularly moving was Distance, dedicated to the late saxophonist Thomas Chapin. This piece started with a multi textural world groove and soared into a dramatic climax.

The original compositions of Fearless Dreamer go from moody and melodic to funky and furious. The haunting blend of Allen Won's saxophone and Pamela Fleming's flugelhorn made the greatest impact on me. The exchange between them in Melancholy left nobody untouched. The band reached a level of intuitive interplay, which made the evening an intimate experience. I was truly blown away by the tremendous talent and the terrific performance of Fearless Dreamer. I hope this band won't remain a secret for too long."

- Charles Moore / NBC


"The Indigo Girls seem to best embody the Lilith spirit with the warmly familial reading of the Band classics " Get Out the Map", "Closer to Fine" as well as a gorgeous "The Water is Wide", enriched with the soaring vocals by Sarah McLachlan and Pam Fleming's ethereal trumpet lines."

- Richard Harrington / Washington Post


". . . has a beautiful and strong sound, and Pamela's melodic improvs are scintillating."

- Sue Terry / Saxophone Artist NYC

From a review of jazz vocalist Little Jimmy Scott's recording: Holding Back The Years
" . . . the mood here is sombre, and the ageless vocalist has acompanists who are more than willing to plumb the dark corridors of human emotion. On the "Crying Game", which is Scott's cup of tea, Pamela Fleming's trumpet obligato is a perfect compliment, if can stand any more lament."

- Herb Boyd / Down Beat Magazine


".....really beautiful..very soulful.....Fantastic solos, simply, nothing short of MAGNIFICENT...your playing, was from the heart, suberb........."

- H. Bock / music lover and critic


"Just received your beautiful CD....I could really hear your soul in the music...just beautiful!"

- Elany Mueller / former Windham Hill Records rep.

"Eleven deliciously smooth jazz entrees are sensually served up by trumpetist extraordinaire Pamela Fleming in this gourmet musical delight. Her soft-spoken style is captivating and romantic, an instrumental slide between the sheets that warms the heart and tingles the toes. With a strong supporting cast including Mark Egan (bass), Chris Cunningham (guitars), Jim West (piano, synth), Allen Won (sax), and others, this delightful release creates a soothing musical space for the Fearless Dreamer in us all to awaken and shine. Highly recommended to all lovers of smooth jazz."

- Robert Walmsley / Omega Directory-Musical Soundscapes


"Pam’s sound quality is amazing. I felt as though I found the inner soul of her heart. Almost like a BIG secret was let out and I was so pleased to hear these beautiful melodies. Her style crosses many musicians. I heard a little of the following in her music... Weather Report, Miles, perhaps a little Chuck Mangione, yet her music is still distinctively only hers. She has entered the elite area of music held only by the finest musicians and composers. I am sure this is only the start of something fantastic in the near future."

- Bob Bernardo / Photographer, clarinettist

"Your music combines strength and tenderness in a way which I really like, really admire. And it's all you... You and Allen sound excellent together. I'll look forward to hearing more."

- Andrew Sterman / Saxophone Artist NYC

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